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The Edmonton Mopar Association was started in 2016 by a group of Mopar Enthusiasts to bring together people with the same interest. That being the “Love of All Mopars”.

As the EMA grew in Membership,  discussion was to revive the Car Show and Race event at Castrol Raceway put on by previous clubs. We had the opportunity to talk with previous members of those clubs. Those members saw the success the EMA was having and also joined our Association.

The executive approached Rad Torque Raceway to discuss costs and the viability of such an event. Once we put all the costs together, a few of the executive put in a lot of leg work to secure sponsorship for Western Mopar Madness. After we secured sufficient funding, the executive presented it to our Members. We gave everyone sufficient time to think about it and to present any questions, it was decided to proceed in July of 2019.

 Join us for Western Mopar Madness July 27th 2024


Image highlights over the years from 2016 with the EMA